Pokemon Go Updates May Cause Players to Uninstall Game

So Due to the new updates for the Pokemon Go game, some players are either happy or upset of the new features. Being able to customize your character is a great addition, but what’s up with the tracking module that helped locate near Pokemon? Usually, they have the footprints which indicate how far the player is from the Pokemon. Well, good news and bad news.


Let’s start with the bad. It seems that Niantic disabled that feature due to the multiple tracking websites, such as Pokevision, they relied on for identifying the Pokemon. This is helpful for trainers that want to go out and find Pokemon that they’ve never caught before. I guess depending on the kind of player you are, it’s either good news or bad news. For me, I never relied on such sites, so it doesn’t bother me. But I am glad that Niantic took control of that cheating situation. Although everyone had access to it, it changes the chemistry of the game and the vision of what Niantic wanted to see in players. Yet, because of this situation, a lot of players who use the tracking websites, are either asking for money back or uninstalling the game from their devices. I feel for those people in a certain sense because they relied on those sites so much to level up and catch Pokemon. But whatever you want to call it, cheating is still cheating.


Alright, now for some good news, although the footprint tracking system is gone, the Pokemon that does appear are now closer in distance. So now you don’t have to walk forever to catch that Pikachu. What do you guys think of the new updates? Hate it? Like it? Let me know. I’m not a very competitive player, so I’ll be playing this game for a very long time. And long after this game peaks. Remember, there are over 700 Pokemon in the cartoon. So Niantic has a lot of updates to do. I just can’t wait for battles and trades. Hope you guys liked this short post. Check out Comicbook.com and Droid-Life.com  link for more information on the situation.





Pokemon GO Update Removes Broken 3-Step Tracking, Adds Trainer Re-Customization


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