Suicide September

September is finally here, and aside from the recent uproar of Keanu Reeves’ birthday, whom I believe is the most lonesome actor in the world, it’s also that time to become aware for those people with suicidal tendencies. Don’t be afraid to take action toward people who you believe are struggling through even the smallest problems. Like an iceberg, you can only scratch the surface of another person. It takes time to develop a sense of awareness toward those suffering. This is the month to be active within your own community. Take time to thank people and show graciousness to those accompanying you each day. It might not mean much to you, but you could save someone from themselves.

If you’re a victim, don’t be afraid to seek help and talk to someone that’s important in your life. Sometimes it just takes one conversation with someone to turn your life around. If you believe you’re at a state of suicidal thoughts, the link below will lead you to the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention home page. On that site is a bunch of resourceful tools that may help answer lingering questions and seek the appropriate help.

To everyone, I wish you all the happiness of your magnanimous life. To those suffering from depression, keep fighting. The struggle is real, but you’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. Seek comfort from the people in your life and be weary from those feeding your disorder. Convince yourself that you may need to seek professional assurance. And sometimes looking at the world from a different angle can help change perspective on life.

Check out the Scoop Whoop post on last year’s tragic suicide/murder. : Let’s not forget Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy

I encourage everyone to check out the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention website so we are all a little bit smarter about this terrible disorder. Please also leave a comment below on positive reassurance for those afraid to speak.


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