Censorship of Speech in your Colleges

A new video had been posted on YouTube by Prager University that discussed the limited power of speech we have as Americans. Although the first amendment seems simple enough to comprehend, there are a few things that don’t include freedom of speech. For example, shouting to the public, “There’s a bomb on the bus!” while riding on that very bus. But things are now getting a bit more complicated.

After taking a gander at the video, it goes to mention how some internal affairs are corrupting a new generation from the freedom to express ones’ self through speech. Private and public colleges/universities are attempting to censor negative speech from their students by covertly educating them through politically correct speech codes. What is considered a negative speech you may ask? It’s anything that involves scrutiny of microaggressions such as; racial insensitivity, classist, sexist, etc.

The video also explains that the meaning of the word “Safety” has been watered down to feeling comfortable. Colleges and universities want a secure and safe environment for their students, but to what extent are they willing to go? America has had its fair share of war on free speech, but knowing that colleges and universities, the last place you’d think to have censorship on freedom of speech, is policing our future leaders from their individuality. This shows us, as a country, how much it’s getting out of hand and how vulnerable we are as people standing up for our words.

Communication is a powerful tool. Whether it’s through words, storytelling, media, innovation, sign language, etc., everyone has a voice. Having a voice is what transforms people into leaders, celebrities, role models, legends. It’s what we have in common. It’s what people can relate to. Sometimes it’s a good thing to play around the fire. People need to get uncomfortable in order to evolve. The First Amendment gives us that right. We shouldn’t be intimidated through scrutiny. We shouldn’t feel safe because we don’t want to get hurt through other people’s ideals. We deal with the hurt and continue to speak our truths. We need debates and arguments in order to understand where we stand.

The link below will lead you to Prager University’s video. The second link will take you to the United States Courts webpage where you can read up on the First Amendment. What do you think about colleges and universities that are practicing this corrupt action? Leave your comment below on how you feel.

[Link] Freedom of Speech


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