Why the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Fight was Actually an Entertaining Fight

Saturday May 2, 2015 laid a historical fight against two of boxing’s welterweight champions. Floyd “Money” Mayweather against the Filipino boxing prodigy Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. Rooting for my main man, Pacquiao, I was quite disappointed on the turn out of the event. Winning by a unanimous decision from the judges, Mayweather beat the relentless Filipino.

After watching the fight with friends and family, I was originally upset more towards my hero than his opponent. I understand why the general public booed Mayweather. They accused him of running around the ring and clinching Manny every second he gets when an opening was available for a bout. And the people aren’t wrong. The reason why I was more upset with Manny, was because I didn’t see that killer instinct he usually displays in big match up fights. Manny loves throwing punches in order to make his opponents react, but hardly threw any in this mega fight.

During the anticipated grudge match, Mayweather was the obvious winner. He threw more punches than his Filipino opponent. It wasn’t until recently this week that the Pacquaio camp and Bob Arum, Top Rank CEO and promoter for Pacquiao, mentioned that he had suffered through a recent injury a few weeks prior to his destined fight. Dislocating his rotator cuff, Manny will be going through an MRI surgery. The Filipino mentioned that he didn’t want to complain or give an excuse to his fans why he would need to change the fight date. He didn’t want to upset his fans that made it out to watch him fight, only to find out that he was handicapped against Mayweather in turn giving him a higher percentage of winning. It wasn’t until after the fight, the people learned that he was struggling with his right shoulder.


After re-watching the fight, I paid closer attention to Manny Pacquiao’s performance in the ring. Even with his injured shoulder he was able to throw in some clean combinations. But it all makes sense why he was so reserved. This made me re-evaluate the fight and came to the conclusion that despite his injury, the fight was not as boring as some fans made it out to be. You can tell from Manny’s side that they were digressing him with hardly any orders/advice as he was losing. You could also vividly see after the 7th round a huge wound that appears to be internal bleeding from the back of his right shoulder. I was actually amazed that he was able to continue the fight. In a sense, he had multiple challenges that night.

Although a lot of people would disagree with me that Floyd won the fight fair and square, the bout was actually very entertaining. Maybe not as hyped as it should have been, but nonetheless a well deserved fight by two great boxers. Just because Manny was aggressive in a few rounds, Floyd landed more hits and threw more punches. Ultimately out boxing Manny.

It was an entertaining fight because styles define boxers. Both fighters knew each other’s styles. Pacquiao being the more aggressor and slugger, while Mayweather being more the defender and counter puncher. Mayweather moving around the ring is different from saying he’s running around and avoiding confrontation. He’s a tactician in the ring and will utilize his surroundings prominently in order to expose his enemies to out box them. Pacquiao you could say is an old timey slug-fest fighter. He likes to bob and weave and throw punch after punch. Of course when you have a fighter like Pacquiao, he will generate more entertainment from his fights from fans due to his fighting nature. Nevertheless, the styles define the boxer. Pacquiao knew Mayweather’s intention when he went into the ring. So blaming Mayweather for avoiding Pacquiao is not a valid excuse.

But, I disagree with those who say that Mayweather is the better boxer than Pacquiao. Like Pacquiao fans say that Mayweather doesn’t fight but runs from his opponents, Mayweather fans claim that Pacquiao is not a boxer but more a fighter. That statement can’t be more false. Although an aggressive fighter, Manny displays that he knows how to box. He shows us that he can out think boxers and beat them to the punch lines. Setting traps, he exposes his enemies weaknesses which in turn leads to their downfall. It’s not luck why Manny Pacquiao is where he is today. He knows how to box and honestly, I still say he’s the better boxer than Floyd Mayweather. It could just be my preference, but I always saw boxing as two guys pitted against each other to find out who was the better aggressor. But because Mayweather’s over thinking methods, lack of fighting spirit, and quick to avoid confrontation in order to out box his enemies, Pacquiao does have a more dynamic flare as a fighter and a boxer.


After realizing the injury Manny has and rewatching the bout, the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight turned out to be an entertaining fight in the tactical sense. I don’t blame Mayweather for “running around” the ring and holding his opponent. That’s his style and that’s what I expect from him and what Manny should have expected from him as well. All in all, Mayweather won because he was able to throw more punches and outbox the Filipino slugger. He also seemed to be more engaged with Pacquiao than most of his recent fights.

Floyd Mayweather extended his interest for a rematch with Pacquiao for next year. If all goes well for Mayweather, he may reach a 50-0 undefeated welterweight championship boxer by 2016.


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