Batman v. Superman Speculation

So the new trailer for Batman v. Superman came out not too long ago. And a lot of controversy surrounded the world through social media. There were a lot of goods and bads. People who support it and people seeing it as a flop. But let’s face it, whether you liked it or not, you’re going to see it when it hits theaters next year. Why? because two of the biggest names in superhero comics are going to be duke’n it out. Comic fans, movie fans, superhero fans, workout nuts, families with kids, etc. EVERYONE WILL SEE IT! Unless you’re blind, then you’ll hear it. This post isn’t about me ranting on the trailer or giving my opinion on what they need/should do to make it better than the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Nope, this rant is my theory on the direction of what Warner Bros. and DC are trying to accomplish with the franchise.

The Dark Knight Trilogy by Nolan was far beyond what I could hope for in a Batman trilogy. If anything he set the mood for a more aggressive and humanistic approach in superhero films; comparing to the earlier superhero movies…..even the more current MCU movies. And it works for the audience, well, for the most part. So although we won’t see too many punch lines with DC (speculation), i think that this franchise will deliver what the fans would expect to see if their beloved cartoon series and comic books were to take to the big screen.


With a more humanistic approach to their movies, Warner Bros. have found a method to constructing their own style of superhero movies. Yes they’ve got a lot of catching up to do against their competitor, but their strengths lie within their own characters’ uniqueness and not worrying too much of what the MCU is trying to accomplish. What I’m saying is that they just need to focus on their stuff and not get distracted with competition. Let their superheroes do all the work.

A lot of DC heroes are memorable and well known characters. Honestly, I think some were more well known than Marvel’s back before superhero movies weren’t even in theaters. Back when Blade was just coming out.  Cartoon shows like Justice League, Teen Titans,  Batman the Animated series, Superman the Animated series, Smallville, Lois and Clark, and the list keeps piling up. Marvel had a few, such as Spider-Man, the X-Men, the Fantastic 4…… and that’s all I can ever really remember from when I was growing up.


I didn’t really care too much on the other cartoons they had because it didn’t really catch my attention. But you’re probably thinking that this is a one sided post. But truth of the matter is that I am a huge Iron Man fan, and Avengers fan. I love Thor. But I grew to love these heroes when their movies were just releasing. I’m not being a hateful DC fanboy, I’m just being real with you. Those were my interests. I honestly didn’t care to read Guardians of the Galaxy, but they sure hell made one badass movie about it. The only comics I followed from Marvel were Avenger’s Civil War, and the Spider-Man and Wolverine comics.  I even remember when Spider-Man was helping out the Justice League, but was later denied by Batman when he was offered to join the league.  Yeah, seriously. Look it up.


DC and Marvel both have their uniqueness in their characters. Some more developed and well known than others. But to me, I don’t see the rivaling comic companies as tomato and tomAto, I see them more like tomato and potato. They’re different to me and they both have their unique flare. Yes they can be compared due to their nature, but so can Star Wars and Harry Potter. Would you really even care to compare the two? I love both Star Wars and Harry Potter and I’m glad I’m living in a time where I grew up seeing both.

For the last couple years of hoping and waiting for DC to catch up (Avid DC fan boy. From comics, to T.V. shows, to animated movies. I even have the “not so hyped” Green Lantern movie), I’ve been nothing but supportive to Warner Bros. and the DCCU (Detective Comics Cinematic Universe).


Because let’s face it, the only competitor that the MCU had was Nolan’s superhero works. After seeing the trailer to Batman v.  Superman, I came to a specific speculation on how the industry is going about their projects.

Anyways, after my LONG rant, it’s time for my small speculation on Batman v. Superman and what is there to expect. The Justice League is created due to Batman and Superman’s similarities. I think we can fairly much agree to that. In order to bring that out, they need to have a common enemy to deal with (no specific speculation to who).

An arc is created toward the society of the human race. People start to speculate about Superman’s behavior with trying to be a normal man than what he really is (Remember in Man of Steel where his father kept badgering him about doing the right thing because come time the world will look to him whether he’s ready or not…. yeah) and that they would need assurance that he won’t enslave the human race.

Of course Kal El/Superman  grew up on Earth, so why would he want to rule the world? Anyways, it gets out of control with society and this causes some disturbance and controversy with the King of Atlantis and the Princess of the Amazons. They themselves aren’t exactly “normal” themselves.  At this point, the masses are frightened of Superman but are unaware of Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg.


Batman and Superman brawl it out to settle differences. Batman might have even been hired by Lex Luthor to stop Superman. And also because Superman destroyed some of his thngs….. like that Wayne satellite in Man of Steel. But  he would come to realize that it was never Superman’s intention to enslave humanity and that it was all a misunderstanding. But of course the people don’t feel safe around a superhuman being/alien, so Batman would then decide to join Superman covertly. And speculating that Batman will kick Superman’s ass, makes it a lot easier for people to sleep at night. Remember, Batman has no powers. He’s just a man in a bat outfit protecting the people. So the people can relate to Batman and vice versa.

They spark an alliance that also brings attention to future league members like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg.


Along the lines with future productions and their heroes’ individual movies, Warner Bros. and DCCU would most likely have their punch lines here and there. Some of the movies probably won’t be as aggressive and brutal as the Batman v. Superman movie. Truthfully, I can kind of see the Justice League movie having that similar joking feel as the cartoon show.

Batman v. Superman has to be a serious movie. You’re taking two iconic superheroes and putting them in a grudge match. But how will they act towards each other when they’re getting more familiar with each other and are on the same team? There will, should be some lightheartedness to their characters. DCCU can do that and still have their unique superhero flare.


That’s pretty much what I can speculate with this movie and with future movies. Warner Bros. would probably go for a realistic approach in the Justice League movie, but it doesn’t mean that it’s going toward the same extent to how Nolan did the Dark Knight Trilogy. I think soon enough, they’ll branch out to find their niche; especially with each character.

Oh btw, what did you guys think of Batman’s voice in the Trailer? NO, NOT HIS MECH SUIT VOICE, If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch the trailer below and listen in the beginning. I’m guessing the voice that said, “Alien!” was Batman’s voice. Also, you can hear Lex Luthor speaking, “We know better now don’t we. Devil’s don’t come from Hell beneath us. No they come from the sky.” Thanks so much guys for reading my blogs. I promise I’m not only blogging about movies on here. It just so happens I love movies. Take care and look out for a quick update from SparkRIDE Nation.


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