Changing the World Little by Little Matters

With all these superhero movies coming out, you got to ask yourself what inspires you or what draws you to their character? What do they do that really captivates you that no ordinary human being can’t do. The answer is simple, it’s not their super abilities that draws you to them. Not their money either. Yes these are things that entices the character even more to be likable and unique, but what is it that they have that we  strive to look for in ourselves. The answer is their humanity.

batmanpic01   ironmanpic01

Although we try to look for things that can be easily relatable, most of the times we look for things that they stand for and what makes them the hero that they truly are. They all have a certain form of humility and humanity.

Our Earth isn’t the same as it was 50 – 60 years ago. There have been more pollution and corruption now than there ever was. Population has increase tremendously. In 1960, the Earth population was at about 3.0 billion people. Now, we’ve over doubled our population to a staggering 7.3 billion. 1990, 5.2 billion, twenty years later, 6.8 billion. BILLION with a capital B. Overpopulation is a root cause to an unsustainable ecosystem and decreasement of resources.


The last few days have drawn  my attention to how complex minded individuals we are, but toward a macro retrospect, we’re simpletons that make obvious decisions as one body of people.  We are acknowledging more on things that inspire us to become better individuals than actually practicing to being better individuals.

BuzzFeed had a post on Prince Ea’s song Dear Future Generations: Sorry, which captivated me to writing this post. He raps about apologizing to the future generation. Watch this inspiring video.

Another post that intrigued me this morning was from a Tweet posted by The Hollywood Reporter and how an underwater viral video reveals the piles of trash within the Mediterranean waters.

These are some things that I wanted to bring to our attention. We can become more than what we are now. Changing our diet to become healthier, lending people a hand when they’ve got nothing more than their humility, and even recycling the essentials such as paper, cans, glass, etc. Going against the grain is scary. There are more people right now than there ever was, so how come the world isn’t changing for the better? Instead our Earth is getting sicker and so are we.

avengerspic01  justiceleaguepic01

We need to inspire to be the heroes we look up to. To really understand what makes a difference in the world. The first step is calling to attention that there’s a problem. The next step is up to you. How will you respond to it as a generous person? Will you simply ignore the call to action  to wait for someone else to do it for you, or will you make small, minimal shifts that lead to greater differences through yourself and/or everyone around you? Be a hero today and change your world one small step at a time. Because changing the world little by little matters.


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